About American Commentary

This site is a collection of observations by one American on the empire that is his country. I aim to offer perspective on the lives of people touched by the United States-- it matters little to me whether they actually live in this country or not.
The first several posts on this site are carry-overs from an older blog of mine, called The Tea Party. I started this blog back in 2008, before there was a real Tea Party movement in the United States, and before the name "Tea Party" had been riddled and infected with all sorts of connotations which I didn't care to deal with. The focus of "The Tea Party" being much the same as the focus of "American Commentary", I've re-posted most of the old entries with their original publishing dates.
Most posts on American Commentary will be overtly political, while others will be less obvious, but I've always believed, as George Orwell said, that all writing is political.
As a political blog, American Commentary is committed to the idea that humanity must never be subtracted from politics.